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COVID-19 Related Safety Regulation

  • Basic operational rules apply in accordance with the Division of Biology guidlines.

Cryo-EM Facility Specific Rules

  • First staff in in the morning will wipe down high touch areas of lab, doorknobs and lights switches etc.
  • Anyone experiencing unwell symptoms like cough etc. are not to enter the facility
  • Masks worn at all times covering entire nose and mouth while in common areas of the facility
  • Social Distancing is to be observed at all times in the facility. We encourage utilizing our remote control workstations and zoom for microscope training. One on one bench training is highly discouraged unless absolutely necessary. If social distancing guidelines cannot be followed, there is still a limit of 2 users maximum per work area. Both users must wear a kn95 mask or better along with a face shield or safety glasses when within 6 feet of each other. If any other accommodations are needed, contact facility staff.
  • The facility utilizes maximum occupancy standards for all work areas of the lab. Users must have a reservation booked before entering any part of the main cryoEM facility or the remote site. Users are to check for occupancy and make equipment reservations in FOM(hyperlink).
    • Main facility 1501 Bonner limit is 7 people
    • Remote site 2222 Bonner is 1 person per control room
    • Remote sample prep 2229 Bonner is 5 people
  • Questions and issues are to be messaged on Slack to facility staff before seeking in person assistance when feasible
  • Clean up surfaces you touch including tweezers, mouse/keyboards etc. at end of session
  • If not actively using equipment with reserved time, no entry or “hanging out” in the facility
  • 1 person per piece of equipment or work area as outlined in signage
  • Respect taped off areas on the floor that indicate 6 feet of clearance from work areas.
Users who do not follow these COVID-19 guidelines are subject to suspensions or bans.