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User Instructions

FOMTM is an online accounting and instrument management software. This software can be used as a simple online scheduler for small research group, or as a complicated management system for all facilities inside whole institution. If you are interested in using FOM, please contact FOM Networks at

I. User registration

  1. Click "I am a new user" to register new user name. If you have registered but forgot your username or password, click the link "I forgot my username or password". Your username and password will be sent to you by email.
    new user screen
  2. After clicking "I am a new user", you will see this window. You may not see the "User Policy" window if the facility manager optioned not to show this. If you see the pop‐up window, click and read the policy, then click the button below.
    policy screen
  3. Fill out the form.
    (For internal user only) If you cannot find your department or supervisor in the list, click on the corresponding link to send email(s) to facility manager. Come back to register again when you get email back saying your department/supervisor is added.
    registration screen


II. Add account number

  1. After registration you will see this warning window. You must add one account number to continue.
    account number screen
  2. This account number is typically your institution's internal financial account number, and may be validated with the rules set by facility manager. If you have questions regarding this account number, please contact the facility manager.
    my accounts screen


III. Apply to use instrument

  1. In user home page, click on the instrument name listed on right side to apply for this instrument.
    apply screen
  2. You may see a user agreement message. Click and read the agreement and then click a button below.
    read policy screen
  3. Input your preferred time for training in the text box. This message will be sent to instrument managers. You will be contacted shortly regarding the training.
    training time screen
  4. After training and your account activated, you will see the instrument name listed on the left side of the user home page.
    instrument name screen


IV. Instrument reservation, cancellation, logon and logoff

  1. In user home page, click the instrument name that you want to use. You will see the schedule of this instrument, as shown below. Current time is shown in pink with yellow background. Reserved time is shown in black with yellow background. Available time is shown in black. Passed time is shown in grey.
    schedule screen
  2. To reserve a session, click on the time you want to start with. Then you will see the window like the one below. Choose an ending time to make the reservation.
    schedule time screen
  3. To cancel or modify a reserved session, click on the reserved time that is shown in black with yellow background.
    schedule modify screen
  4. To logon a reserved session or do an express logon, click on the current time shown in pink with yellow background.
    schedule logon screen
  5. When you are using the instrument the your time slot in shown in red with yellow background, and on top of the window the instrument is shown as "Being used".
    schedule being used screen
  6. After finishing your experiment, you must log into FOM again to logoff the instrument. Click on the red link showing you are using the instrument.
    schedule logoff screen
  7. Fill in consumables if you have used. Choose "Something wrong" if you want to report problem of the instrument. Fill in comment, select account number to use, then click logoff.


V. Forgot logoff sessions

If you forgot logoff your session, you will receive email reminder after one hour of reserved ending time. Also the next immediate user who reserved the instrument can log you off. You will receive email if another forced you off an instrument.


VI. Download instrument operation manual

In user home page, click on "Operation Manuals" link on left side to download instrument documents.

download screen


VII. Usage report

In user home page, click on "Usage Report" link to download report of your usage in the facility with given start time and end time.

usage report screen


VII. Update user profile

In user home page, click on "My Profile" link to update your contact information, including login password.

update profile screen


IX. Update account number

In user home page, click on "My Accounts" to add or change your account number(s).

update account number screen


X. Contact managers

In user home page, click on "Contact a Manager" to write message or send technical service request to instrument manager(s).

contact managers screen


XI. Online discussion board

In user home page, click "User Forum" to join our online discussion board, where you may discuss your research work, report bugs of FOM, or simply meet your peer scientists virtually.

discussion screen