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Facility User Categories Defined

Independent User

Experienced users that have either demonstrated proficient and safe use of a particular instrument or have gone through the training progression provided by the facility staff.

  • No input from facility staff other than general equipment malfunction
  • Can use any hours
  • Remote access to Leginon

Supervised User

This category of user is for those that are following the training progression or who have not been cleared for independent use of the equipment. This user would have access to a facility staff member during their equipment reservation for assistance.

  • On call input from facility staff for assistance with operation
  • Use during facility business hours M-F 9AM-5PM
  • No remote access to Leginon – web view only

Collaborative User

This usage category is defined by a collaborative agreement with a facility staff member for select equipment. Fully supported by staff for the modality purchased, feedback on the project, experimental design suggestions, and collection of data.

  • Full support of facility staff
  • Authorship on paper or Acknowledgment

For collaborative use agreements it’s important to note that the facility staff will NOT be responsible for:

  • Biochemistry or modifying the sample prior to freezing
  • Making decisions on experimental design
  • Tracking experimental results and saving records on individual sessions
  • Storing samples or transport of them to or from the facility
  • Managing data or managing access to SDSC
Collaborations must involve a dedicated lab member from the originating lab that will maintain continuity for the entirety of the project and manage these tasks.