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Facility Leadership

Executive Advisory Committee

The UCSD cryo-EM facility is governed by an Executive Advisory Committee (EAC) comprising UCSD faculty cryo-EM experts who are responsible for advising on the long-term direction and desired capabilities of the facility. This includes but is not limited to policy, function, equipment, infrastructure, and management.

Members: Tim Baker, Kevin Corbett, Mark Herzik, Andres Leschziner (chair), Elizabeth Villa

Ex-officio: Bob Ashley, John Bauer

Cryo-EM Users Committee

The UCSD Cryo-EM Users Committee drawn from a cross-section of UCSD faculty is responsible for allocating access to the facility by the UCSD community for training and instrument access based on need.

Members: Kevin Corbett (Chair), William Gerwick, Cornelis Murre, Larissa Podust, Roger Sunahara

Facility Staff

Facility Staff are responsible for the management and operation of the facility (including instrument scheduling, maintenance, and training) as well as execution of the joint vision of the Executive Advisory Committee, Users Committee, and Administration.

Staff: Bob Ashley (Facility Manager), Terry (Shih-Ting) Huang (Lab Assistant)