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Titan Krios G3

300 keV, FEG, Autoloader, with Gatan K2 direct electron detector, Gatan Energy Filter and volta phase plates.

This cryo-STEM microscope is equipped with a 3 condenser lens system allowing for a wide range of beam settings while maintaining parallel illumination.

Currently single particle and tomography data collection is automated through Leginon, EPU or SerialEM packages.

Talos Arctica

200 keV, FEG, Autoloader, with Gatan K2 direct electron detector and phase plate. Automation through Leginon.

Tecnai G2 Sphera

200 keV, LaB6 filament, with Gatan 2k x 2k CCD. Automation through Leginon.

Aquilos Cryo-FIB

A focused ion beam/scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM) dedicated to the preparation of frozen, thin lamella samples from biological specimens for high-resolution tomographic imaging in a cryo-transmission electron microscope (cryo-TEM).

Sample Preparation


The Vitrobot and the manual plunger are a semi-automated and a manual variant machine for cryo-TEM sample vitrification. The devices perform the cryo-fixation process on TEM grids at constant physical and mechanical conditions utilizing liquid ethane and liquid nitrogen. The Vitrobot's controlled environmental technology prevents cooling and concentration of artifacts that are inevitable in other freezing protocols. The transfer from the vitrification medium into the liquid nitrogen atmosphere has been automated, ensuring consistent sample quality at high sample throughput. The manual plunger is located in a cooled, humidity controlled environment. Reservations of this equipment includes free use of the Gatan Solarus Plasma Cleaner for preparation of the TEM grid surface prior to vitrification.

Carbon Coating

Safematic Carbon Coater

A carbon coating sputtering device suitable for making ultrathin mechanically stable TEM support films with simple one touch operation and reproducibility.

Glow Discharge


The Emitech K100X is a simple, free-standing glow discharge system, typically used for hydrophobic to hydrophilic conversion of carbon coated TEM grids.


The Solarus® II is the next-generation plasma tool to remove hydrocarbon contamination from TEM and SEM samples and holders. This system is ideal for researchers who want to reproducibly remove organic surface contaminants in a safe, efficient manner.


  • Integrated holder bakeout and storage: Reduces tool footprint and cost of ownership
  • Enhanced user interface: Use preoptimized recipes for consistent results; as well as guided workflows to ensure proper operation when venting and evacuating the chamber
  • Low-power operation (2 W): Gently clean delicate samples (e.g., holey carbon grids); as well as prepare hydrophilic surfaces on carbon grids for cryo-electron microscopy