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Rates for the Cryo-EM Facility

The facility charges an hourly instrument rate or a flat fee for each workstation. If users are utilizing collaborative fee for service work, are training, or utilize staff assistance, there will be a separate hourly labor charge applied to the reservation in addition to the hourly instrument rate.

Rates quoted are for internal UC San Diego users only. External users please contact the facility manager for more information.

Wet Lab 

  • $5.00 one-time fee per use per single user with unlimited access to all equipment in the room for the duration of the reservation.

Note: Users may not perform work for another lab or allow another lab to use the instruments or lab during the reservation

Krios and Arctica Clipping Stations

  • $5.00 one-time fee


  • Instrument Rate:  $56.00/hr
  • **Collaborative use time on Sphera is scheduled on a case by case basis under special circumstances. This microscope is intended as educational instrument and for independent users. The UCSD CryoEM facility staff does not typically perform fee for service work on this microscope.


  • Instrument Rate:  $63.00/hr


  • Instrument Rate:  $86.00/hr

Vitrobot and Manual Plunge Freezer

  • Instrument Rate $44.00/hr

Facility Staff Labor Rate

  • $100 per hour