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Facility User Agreement Talos Arctica Electron Microscope

This is a 200keV instrument with an X-FEG electron source, equipped with a Gatan K2 Summit direct
electron detector and Volta Phase Plates. This microscope is capable of generating atomic-resolution
structures and to screen grids for transfer to the Krios.

Prerequisites for independent use of the Arctica requires completion of the following training path or
demonstrated proficiency:

  • New User Orientation
  • Negative Stain and Wet Lab
  • Sphera Training
  • Autoloader Clipping and Loading
  • Arctica Training
    • 2 – 4 hour one on one sessions with facility staff
    • 5 – 2 hour observations sessions with an independent user
    • 100 hours of supervised instrument time logged
    • Final approval by facility staff by demonstration of proficiency


  • Reservations can be made 30 days in advance
  • Cancellations allowed up to 48 hours before the reservation time (Cancellation charges waived if
    time can be rebooked)
  • Reservations limited to 48 hours maximum
  • Users must log in to FOM upon arrival and start of work
  • Users must log off in FOM upon completion of work
  • Independent use charged to the nearest hour
  • Charges will be based on earlier of reserved or actual start time – later of reserved or actual end
  • No shows will be charged for reserved time
  • Damage to equipment due to negligence or improper use will be charged to the originating lab
  • All data is offloaded to an external server. Users must coordinate with SDSC or PCF for retrieval
    of data.
  • Sample exchanges are performed at 10AM sharp. If previous user of the scope is not present
    and no arrangement has been made prior, the incoming user may discard the previous user’s
  • Facility staff is not responsible for any storage of samples.

Recharge Rates

  • Internal Collaborative Use:  $163.00/hr
  • Internal Supervised Use:  $113.00/hr
  • Internal Independent Use:  $63.00/hr