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Observation Time

Observation time is meant as a complement to the formalized training modules available at the facility to allow new users to see different strategies in action for dealing with cryo-EM samples and to help new users understand the workflows applied to unique samples in the microscope. It is also meant as community building effort to introduce students to each other and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Observation time is meant to be conducted by experienced independent users for the benefit of supervised users on the road to independence and those that desire further experience in the craft.

Observation time is available on the Krios, Arctica, and Sphera microscopes during designated times during normal business hours.

Observation time will be a designated recurring slot during business hours. For those being observed, the time is not optional. Observation time is to further the community knowledge of cryo-EM and is meant to help formalize your knowledge through the act of pedagogy. If there is a sensitive scientific matter or other conflict, it is recommended that you reserve a time not designated as observation time.

In FOM on the right side of the User Home screen under available equipment, select the observation time calendar you’re applying to and indicate the proposed times you are available. The time will be scheduled for you by facility staff and the hours will be logged in the system after completion.

FOM screenshot