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Facility User Agreement for the Wet Lab

The Cryo-Em facility's wet lab is for preparation of TEM grids for work in the facility microscopes. Typical bench space is available along with common wet lab equipment including balances, table top centrifuge, hot blocks, etc. Included in the reservation is unlimited use of the Safematic Carbon coater, and the Emitech Glow Discharge machine.

Prerequisites for independent use of the Wet Lab requires completion of the following training path or demonstrated proficiency:

  • New User Orientation
  • Safematic and Glow Discharge
  • Negative Stains and Wet Lab
    • 1 – 2 hour one on one training sessions with facility staff
    • Final approval by facility staff by demonstration of proficiency


  • Reservations are not required and available on demand in Express Logon
  • Reservations can be made 14 days in advance
  • Users must log in to FOM upon arrival and start of work
  • Users must log off in FOM upon completion of work
  • Charges will be based on earlier of reserved or actual start time – later of reserved or actual end
  • No shows will be charged for reserved time
  • Damage to equipment due to negligence or improper use will be charged to the originating lab
  • Facility staff is not responsible for any storage of samples
  • Users must clean up after their session

Recharge Rates

$5.00 one-time fee per use per single user

Users may not perform work for another lab or allow another lab to use the instruments or lab during the reservation.